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Nixon University Placed 6th in the
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In their latest Top Ranked Online Programs ratings, ranked Nixon University 6th for its advanced e-MBA Program. Only 20 most popular online MBA Programs could make it to the coveted rankings list that's released every year with a careful selection of the best available online programs.
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Nixon University Starts Socially Responsive Campaign, 'Live the Future', to Create a Better, Educated World for Generations to Come
Nixon University has shared its vision - Live the Future - which aims to create a better world by means of online education. The plan will lead to dissemination of a socially responsible message tagged with an educated world for future generations to prosper.

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Nixon University Launches a Modern Research Center
Nixon University has proclaimed the establishment of in-house research facility where the industry specialists and scientists will be invited to carry out various interdisciplinary researches that can be more effectively accomplish outside a traditional school.

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Nixon University Implying Data Analytics into Its Online Education Processes for Effectual and Personalized Learning
Considering the emerging trend of educational data mining, Nixon University has introduced data analytics system to increase the efficiency and rate of learning through individualized development of course content for each student traditional school.

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Nixon University revises its assessment methodology to meet international standards of education
Nixon University is a premier online university providing education to students and professionals worldwide. Online education is a viable option for people who work full time and do not have the time to attend regular classes.

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Nixon University incorporating MOODLE - A Course Management System to Enhance The Operations of E-learning
To bring fineness into the overall delivery of online education, Nixon University is adopting the use of “MOODLE” which is a learning management system that will support online education and help instructors to develop and assess courses in a customized way.

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