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How to apply at Nixon University degree programs

Now that you have decided to pursue your education at the Nixon University, you must remain devoted to the decision. Since the study programs at Nixon are self-paced, your success depends upon how well you manage your work, studies and other commitments.

Contact Our Admissions Officer

It's always best to discuss matters on a one-on-one basis. Call our Admissions Officer to discuss your goals and previous experience and decide what program is right for you.

Review Your Financing Options

Before submitting your application, thoroughly consider your fee payment options. Nixon offers several scholarships and fee payment options. Choose the one that is most convenient for you. Click here review our scholarships.

Consult Family, Friends and Colleagues

It's always to make a decision after consulting those who know you well and whose advice is sound and valuable. Share your goals and aspirations with them and ask their advice.

Complete Your Application

If you've taken courses elsewhere, Nixon can help you get your academic transcripts and transfer as many credits as possible. Our Admissions Officer will guide you about the process of getting additional credits for work and life experience. Then submit your application along with your application fee.

Stay Focused

Always keep your goals and targets in mind. The teachers and counselors at Nixon University are always available and ready to help students with their questions and support them in their efforts.

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