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Nixon's fee structure is designed to be extremely pocket-friendly so everybody has easy access to quality higher education. By bridging the financial gap between you and first-rate learning, we have accomplished our mission of making professional higher education universally accessible. As our education costs only a fraction of what other top-ranking traditional and online institutions charge you, we remain the world's most sought after university among working adults and jobseekers.

Making our education even more affordable for those who deserve, Nixon University offers several financial aid options so you can further reduce your tuition. Some of the ways that help you reduce your fee and materialize your educational plans with zero financial worries are listed below.

Financial Aid Options at Nixon University

Nixon education is already very affordable. But there are several ways using which you can further reduce or tuition or make paying for your education easier. Explore the ways Nixon facilitates you in financing your education.

Tuition Fee

Being a student-driven university, it is our aim to provide high quality yet affordable education to students across the globe. All the degree and diploma programs of Nixon University are priced in a way that most of applicants can easily afford them.

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Scholarship Program

We understand your financial constraints and that's why we offer you a scholarship program to escape financial constraints. Nixon Scholarship Program offers you a chance to qualify for 90% scholarship, saving as much as $18,000.

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Credit Transfer

If you have completed some of the courses of your program, you can get them exempted by submitting their transcript. This way, you will be able to reduce the tuition fee as well as time required to complete your program.

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Fee Payment Options

Nixon aims to provide its students great ease and comfort when it comes to payment of tuition fee. We offer our students two convenient fee payment options to assist you in paying your program fees according to your budget.

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Employer Tuition Program

We have partnered with our global corporate partners who reimburse their eployees' tuition for their education at Nixon University. Many employers around the world offer the benefit of reimbursing educational Tuition fees.

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Military Credit

Nixon University offers certain privileges to military personnel including Military scholarship that can save up to 25% of tuition fee, Exemption from courses as well as Credit transfers from any educational institutes

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Please Note:
Students applying to Nixon University must submit all required academic documents beforehand as per course requirement.

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