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Nixon graduation fund

Nixon University Graduation Fund

Knowing that financing your professional higher education can be a daunting challenge in today’s economy, Nixon University has introduced a unique way to reduce your tuition and make it friendlier to your budget. Our Graduation Fund helps you reduce the cost of your desired professional degree, diploma or certificate program at Nixon University up to a huge 50%. The process is simple: for every two courses you complete, the Graduation Fund will cover the cost of 2 future courses, taking your total program fee down to straight 50%. As you pay only half for your desired education at Nixon University, your financial stress is substantially alleviated making you enjoy both your life and your education better than ever before.

Nixon University graduation fund

For every 2 courses you complete, we’ll cover the cost of 2 future courses – up to 50% cost of your degree.1

No Application

There’s nothing to sign or fill out. You’re automatically enrolled, even if you’re transferring credits.

No Restrictions

No GPA requirements. Successfully complete ANY course to build your fund and ANY future course can be covered.2

No Competition

IEvery new Nixon University student starts a fund. There are no limits to how many students benefit.

No Expirations

Your fund keeps growing as long as you’re enrolled and working towards earning your degree.3

To save up to 50% on your tuition, apply now or call 1-888-672-7819 to speak with an admissions officer.

Please Note:
The grad fund entitlement is subject to successful completion of 50% courses.
You have the freedom to choose the courses you want to pay for and the courses you want covered by the grad fund.
Tuition credit earned only after successfully completing courses.

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